Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Latino/Spanish Artists at Charlton: Demetrio (9) - Time For Love 43

Charlton's Time for Love 43 (Aug 1975) has another 6 page story sporting some decent Demetrio artwork. This time another well-used romance comic theme is used - that of the star struck aspiring actress exploited by the philandering lead actor, while the reliable home town guy waits, offering support, until the girl's illusion is dispelled. She allows herself to be easily taken in by the unprincipled celebrity, to the extent that she begins believing he loves her and intends to follow through with his promises. Of course it all comes crashing down, and Mr. Dependable has to pick up the pieces. Fortunately she's able to learn from her experience and see the man who really cares about her as the gem he is. Some artistic devices of note: the protagonist's hair begins to spill out over the edges of the panels in the last 3 pages of the story, quite nicely done; here and there we see some of the trademark Demetrio psychedelia - particularly nice examples in panel 2 on page 4 and in panel 4 of page 6. European cars, broody females, a flock of seagulls, 70s hairstyles. Here it is:

There was a point in the story where Elaine seemed to be suggesting that Peter was too controlling, but one has to wonder how he put up with her running off with the flashy actor when it is obvious he cares for her.


  1. hi, this is nick katradis. I love your website. I check it daily for new posts.
    ps: can you help me confirm that the following romance pages from Love Diary #98 are by Demetrio? this story was not on your checklist.

    also, can you help me identify the artist to the following cover, Love Diary #98 cover:


  2. Sorry, the cover is Love Diary #78 cover, from 1972. (not #98)


  3. I looked at both links, Nick. The cover is (in my opinion) not by Demetrio, no question. I could be wrong, but I think the story pages are not by him either (different artist from the cover though). Those bits of scroll-like psychedelia are very Demetrioesque but I think this artists is just using that same style. The story pages appear to be by one of the 'Catalan' artists but I cannot say which. The person who could identify the artist of these pages (they are nice) would be David Roach. He is on Twitter at

    Web pages about David:

    Those links are to pages about him. I don't have an e-mail address for him unfortunately.

    A blog I follow is:

    where there are at least lots of scans of examples of Spanish artists (of the Catalan(?) school). I found out about this blog from someone who posted a comment on my Demetrio blog post:

    scroll down and read the comment - lots of links to Catalan artists' work there on the Deskartesmil and another blog. You may be able to figure out who the artist of your story pages is from comparison with those examples, but David Roach would probably be able to tell you immediately.

  4. Thank you so much.
    I will reach out to David Roach.
    and i will check out all the blog links you included.
    keep up the great work.
    ps: If you do an article on Art Saaf, the DC romance artist, i have a lot of his DC romance original art. I would be more than glad to offer scans.

    nick k