Monday, May 7, 2012

Latino/Spanish Artists at Charlton: Luis Avila (2) - Just Married 103

In this next example of Luis Avila's work, we're at the end of his stint at Charlton. The cover of Just Married 103 (December 1974) is by Art Capello. The 9-page story by Avila, "Putting It Together", is about a small town third grade teacher about to marry the wrong guy. At first she's not sure why she doesn't experience the thrill she expects from a kiss with her fiancee, so she takes off for the weekend to stay with her girlfriend, who sets her up with a date. the excitement she's been missing manifests during the time she spends with this new guy, especially as they take a tour of the big city. Maybe a complete change of environment is what she needs. The new guy is really struck on our heroine, and wants to meet her folks. Back home its soon clear to Naomi what she really wants, and the two look like they'll live happily ever after. Avila's ladies have a very similar look, as you'll see when some more examples are posted. His technique is to use a lot of poses - not a huge amount of dynamism. As with Demetrio's work, its all very upper middle class despite the protagonist being a third grade teacher. The cars really don't look American. Some unusual poses (for the story) - perhaps he uses fashion model photos to get the outlines. The style with which he draws hair is somewhat common to the Spanish/Catalan/Latino artists generally.


A well-tried theme for a romance comic story, but told in a way that fits well with Avila's style. I wonder who the writer is?

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