Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nurses as Objects in Comics: Dogface Dooley 3 - "The Tattooed Sergeant"

This 1952 Magazine Enterprises comic book, Dogface Dooley 3, has a cover that swipes one of Stan Lee's standard Nellie the Nurse gags, with the thermometer exploding as the patient (here Dogface Dooley) experiences a rising temperature in response to the visual stimulation offered by a sexy-looking nurse in a tight uniform. As is often the case, the cover is somewhat misleading, as the event depicted bears no resemblance to what actually happens in the stories inside. There is, however, one story that does include nurses, and certainly lives up to the reputation for objectification of nurses established by the cover.

It's not a particularly flattering image of soldiers either, but it is a funny book after all. The full comic has been uploaded to the Digital Comic Museum and is available at

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  1. A hot nurse in see-thru THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!!