Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nurse Romance Stories: Career Girl Romances 66 - "What Do I Need?"

In this December 1971 Charlton story, "What Do I Need?" from Career Girl Romances 66, Laura Clark is a no-bones-about-it doctor-husband-hunting nurse who's been biding her time for the right prospect to come along - a medical man who looks like he'll become filthy rich. And it looks to Laura like Dr. Charles Scanlan is her man. She's given him enough encouragement, and as the story begins, there's their first kiss. Charles invites Laura for a weekend on his friends' boat.
Before they take their leave from the hospital, however, Scanlan is asked by Dr. Loeb, who has a clinic in the ghetto, if he'll contribute some time to help his needy but poor patients. Scanlan declines, and tells Laura he's scared and even made to feel guilty by Loeb's dedication. On the boat, however, Laura sees the alternative to Loeb. Dr. Thornhill, Charles's friend, has the high life that those massive medical practitioner incomes can buy. That's been Laura's goal, and it does look like Charles will be the right choice, a man likely and certainly able to be that top notch provider. It's also on the cards that Thornhill will ask Charles to be his partner, and would like Charles to have a wife. But towards the end of page 4 there's some uncertainty revealed - Charles isn't fully decided regarding his future. Is he really in it just for the money, or does he have some altruistic tendencies that would make the big bucks insufficient satisfaction?

Charles takes Laura to see the reality for people who live on the other side of the tracks. Loeb's free clinic is well subscribed, and there's no shortage of work for another doctor and his nurse. The experience of a tough night's work on the front line gives them both pause for thought. They've realized there's more to life than the acquisition of wealth, and they've derived satisfaction from helping the needy. Moreover, Laura knows now that it's just the love of her man she wants and which will make her happy. Basically they've both come to the point where they know they're for each other and it's going to be wedding bells. Nothing left to say, and we exit the story while they get on with their passionate embrace.
Doctor-hunting nurses again! But what about the kiss in the last two panels? A contender for Sequential Crush's best kiss artist competition - Capello and Alascia?


  1. That last page is pretty hot, especially for a Charlton comic which are pretty pc. Was this comic formerly titled something else ?

  2. Career Girl Romances started with issue 24 (see my next post). Before that it was Three Nurses (from ish 18 - 23), and before that Confidential Diary #s 12 - 17, and was originally High School Confidential Diary #s 1 -11, all Charlton, starting in 1960.

  3. Ah yes! That just may have to be the entry for the Cappello/Alascia. Very sexy -- though his hands are a little on the hairy side.