Sunday, June 3, 2012

British Girls' Comics: Diana Annual 1976 - Fabulous Four by Enrique Badia Romero

This 1976 Fabulous Four story has an interesting story line that pits young males and females against each other. Each group is convinced that the other is going to be awful in some way, the boys believing that the girls are actually cats and the girls believing the boys are dogs. The evil, older scientist cooked up this little scenario. So it's kind of allegorical in a way, mirroring the way young girls might think that boys are nasty, but at a certain point they change their outlook, and vice-versa with boys' opinions of girls. When they actually start interacting with each other, they find that what they previously thought is erroneous, and they kind of like being together. Of course, this is my interpretation. On the face of it the story is actually about the evil scientist's plot to get rid of the Fabulous Four, who present an obstacle to his plans for galactic domination. Anyway, here it is, with Romero's ladies and their very bushy eyelashes and wild hair - maybe one way of identifying his artwork actually.


  1. Romero's 'direction' is masterful; love the watercolor-like printing process. Thanx for sharing !

  2. Where are these girls? The land of suggestive poses?
    I've booked my ticket!!

  3. I just logged in to say that your blog is my favorite on the internet. I haven't found any other place that presents these kinds of full comic stories with interesting commentary. I hope you post again soon.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, pencilitin. Posting again now I have a bit more time to write!

  4. Debbie and Bunty Annual my old artwork done in the eighties..