Monday, March 28, 2011

Bob Oksner's Finest Hour: DC's Pat Boone series

Out Of This World takes a final look at DC's Pat Boone series today, with three more Larry Nadle stories drawn by Bob Oksner. The first is one of the four page short stories featuring Pat, his wife Shirley, and their four girls. "4 Little Chicks" isn't the only comic book story that provides a window into that cultural phenomenon known as the babysitter - it's a theme used all over, but this one has an unusual twist in that Pat and Shirley have had enough of going out, but they don't want to disappoint the babysitter by telling her she's not needed. I love the club president Becky's 'Swoon with Boone' badge at the end. This story is from Pat Boone 1.

Next here's the campus queen story from Pat Boone 4. Having grown up and gone to college in the UK, where such phenomena are not present, it was a huge eye-opener to eventually witness the sorority rush, tail-gate parties at football games, and all the other events that make up American campus culture. Maybe this is one that has died out now, but clearly it was an element of 1950s and early 60s campus life:

Here's a picture of the Florida State University campus queen of 1952 for comparison (image copyright Time Inc., used in accordance with stated conditions). I think it would have looked better if the float had been pulled by that gorgeous car in the gateway rather than the tractor, but I have no experience in organizing such events. Clearly this was a serious business, similar to the homecoming queen at American high schools:

 For a final farewell to Oksner's Pat Boone, here's the main story from Pat Boone 5, in which yet again Pat comes to the rescue in an awkward situation, this time for the high school drama teacher:

Next up, Out Of This World will be taking a look at some more of Oksner's work, amongst others, when we examine the inclusion of beatniks in early 60s comics.

Oh for those bygone days!
But more recently:
The Boone Girls
and The Boone Girls with Pat Boone

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  1. As someone who fell in love with Oksner's art in the 70's when he was on books like Supergirl and Lois Lane, these are a real eye opener. I thought Oksner's art was fantastic in the 70'sbut seeing how good he could be on stories that really suited his style is fantastic. Sadly, like far too many artists from the 50's through to the 70's he is still grossly under rated and under appreciated.