Monday, December 28, 2009

Latino/Spanish Artists at Charlton: Demetrio (5) - Teen Confessions 89

"Running Wild" by Demetrio in the June 1975 issue of Charlton's Teen Confessions lightly touches on one of the darker aspects of the hippie culture of the late 60s and early 70s. Combine 'free love' in its most literal, sexual sense, with ultra-right wing, conservative patriarchy, chauvinism, and sexism, and you have the Hell's Angels, or in the case of this story, some nasty bikers trying to act the part. Rosalie is an unsuspecting young lady wanting to enjoy the apparent freedom of the times, but her boyfriend, Pike Roman, is a member of a biker gang, one that shares its women amongst its members. So Rosalie finds herself having to answer to the gang leader's expectations that she's shared property that he has rights to in terms of sexual enjoyment.
Rosalie's not exactly hip with this scene, but if she wants to hang out with Pike then she has to let Chopper use her whenever he feels like it, and maybe the rest of the gang also. Luckily Rosalie is loved by a square guy with a decent set of values, which include monogamy. His name is Tim, they've been friends for some time, and he has parental approval, but he's too boring for Rosalie in her state of wanting constant kicks. Tim is serious about Rosalie, though, enough to spell out warnings regarding the way she's getting involved with some bad company, although she's not ready to listen. Tim isn't afraid to approach Rosalie when he sees her at the local cafe with Pike and Chopper. Chopper seems intent on beating Tim up, but he's reminded that they don't want to draw heat from the Fuzz.Tim isn't intimidated, but leaves because it is Rosalie's desire that he does so. He obviously doesn't go too far away though, as he's on hand later to come to Rosalie's rescue.

Chopper and Pike take Rosalie and another girl to a secluded spot where they usually have their way with their chicks. Rosalie's uncomfortable, but doesn't know what to do until Tim shows up and offers her a way out, which she gladly accepts. But the bikers aren't going to let Tim just waltz in there and steal their girl, so they start working him over, free of the fear of being seen by the police. Rosalie has to act fast to save Tim, and she runs over to his car and uses it to ram the two bikers' machines. This chaotic event serves to momentarily distract Chopper and Pike from punching Tim, and he manages to reach his car and Rosalie drives him away. She's learned her lesson for sure, and won't be in a hurry to associate with those low life bikers again.

Tim's chivalrous cavalry charge has opened Rosalie's eyes to what had been developing between them all along, and we're left with sufficient evidence to conclude that they're going to live happily ever after. Another nice 9-page job, another pretty girl, by Demetrio.

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