Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Romance Comic Art

Some of the most aesthetically pleasing art to be found in comics turns up on the covers or in the pages of romance comics. Although romance comics deal with a wide range of trials and tribulations that result from the quest to find true love, there are covers that simply depict that treasured moment when a couple are lost in that perfect embrace. Frozen in time, there are no clues as to the painful anguish or yearning that might have gone before, nor the misery that might have followed, but in real life we know those things are there. Yet this is that instant many aspire for even today, that fleeting fraction of a life when things are as they are supposed to be. The four covers here are of this type.

Heart Throbs #1 has the added interest of being a 'lighthouse cover' incorporating this piece of suggestive imagery. Confessions of Love #11 is one of the many gorgeous covers drawn by L. B. Cole for romance comics. Diary Confessions #14 also features a common romance comic theme - the masquerade ball or party. On this cover the masks are coming off and the couple show each other who they really are, begging the question as to whether their relationship will flourish. But right now all that matters to them is the moment.

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